Find just the right words, perfect Happy Birthday wishes, quotes to write in your Birthday cards.

Happy Birthday! Take today to do something you love.

At least we’re young at heart. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Have a day of love and happiness.

May the joy and love that come to you on your birthday last the whole year through. Happy Birthday!

You’re gorgeous, you have your health and a fabulous life. How could a mere present from me hold a candle to that? Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to someone who still looks great. I’d say almost lifelike!

Happy Birthday, Sister! Things have changed a lot since we were kids, but one thing is forever you’ll always be my sister! Have a great birthday!

I had our colors analyzed. At our time of life, we can expect silver in our hair, gold in our teeth, and lead in our pants.

Who are all these experts telling us to eat right, exercise, and live clean. What do they know? They’ll feel pretty foolish one day, dying of nothing at all! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Sending you a big wish for a day full of fun!

Happy Birthday! You don’t want to eat that piece of cake that’s full of fat, sugar, and calories? It could take years of your life! (Can I have it?)

Happy Birthday! The movies sure have changed since you were a kid. There’s so much more sex and violence. And sound!

Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Brother! You’re so great — I’m sure your real parents would be proud!

Happy Birthday! As your co-workers, we wanted to take a minute to with you a Happy Birthday. We all punched out on your time card.

Happy Birthday! I’m so glad to have a friend like you.

Happy Birthday, Grandma! Here comes your favorite snuggle bug with a great big birthday hug.

Happy Birthday, Mom! When you blow out your candles, make any wish your heart desires. Except for the one about 15 grandkids.

Happy Birthday! As Bette Davis said, “Old age ain’t for sissies.”

May today’s happy moments become tomorrow’s fond memories. Happy Birthday!

This year, enjoy everyday like it was your birthday. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Wishing you the best of everything.

Happy Birthday to one of my oldest friends. Wait! No! I meant one of my DEAREST friends. Have a great day!

May you always friends who are as dear to you as you are to me. Happy Birthday!

Remember, you’ll never be this young again. But watch your step, because you’ve never been so old before! Happy Birthday!

You look so young! Another bad habit you picked up in your old age? Happy Birthday!

Success means living well, laughing often, loving much. Wishing you another successful year. Happy Birthday!

“He that is not handsome at 20, nor strong at 30, nor rich at 40, nor wise at 50, will never be handsome, strong, rich or wise.” George Herbert Oh well! Have a great birthday anyway!

I hear it’s your birthday. Good news sure travels fast! Have a good one!

I think your birthday should be canceled for lack of aging. Enjoy!

One heart to another, We connect. Happy Birthday!

Dude! Have a jammin’ birthday!

I understand that getting old can be a little strange at first. But how about now? Happy Birthday!

I’m dropping by to celebrate. Hope you birthday’s super great! Happy Birthday!

Hippo. Birdie. You figure it out.

Darling, I knew you’d love a relaxing, home cooked meal on your birthday. So I call your Mom.

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray for You! May your birthday wishes all come true! Happy Birthday!

It’s your birthday — I hope you’re in the chips! The chocolate chips!

Happy Birthday! If it works out this year, maybe you’ll want to make it an annual event.

Time flew away! I’m so sorry I missed your special day. Happy Belated Birthday.

Happy Birthday! My love, good wishes, and cheer last throughout the year.

Sing, dance, play. You’re never too old to have fun! Happy Birthday!

I count myself in nothing else so happy, as in a soul remembering my good friends. William Shakespeare. And I’m so happy knowing that you’re my good friend, especially on your birthday. Have a great one!

It’s not my fault I missed your birthday. I blame it on human error. Happy Belated Birthday.

I don’t send birthday cards to all my relatives. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Happy Birthday!

Did your husband give you that fur coat for your birthday? Wow, I always thought he liked that dog! Happy Birthday!

I’m waiting for you to blow out all those birthday candles. At my age, I hardly ever get to hear heavy breathing! Happy Birthday

I only send birthday cards to my most attractive, intelligent and sexy friends. Merry Christmas.

Psst! Want to know what people are saying about you behind your back? Nice butt! Happy Birthday

I was worried that your gift would fit But look how well it slides into and out of the envelope! Happy Birthday

I almost bought you on of those New Age birthday cards But I decided an Old Age card was more appropriate. Happy Birthday

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