Find just the right words, perfect love Birthday wishes, quotes to write in your Birthday cards.

Can’t come up with the right phrase or words for your Love Happy Birthday card? We have the list of pre-made Love Happy Birthday messages that can help you jump-start your writing process.

We hope this will help you create just right message to send to your loved one which will be cherished along with the card for years to come.

Well, I got what I want for you birthday – You! Happy Birthday!

Showin’ you the love. Happy Birthday!

When we’re apart, I can’t wait until we’re together again. You’re the best part of my day, and every day, I love you more and more. Happy Birthday

Into every life a little rain must fall I’m so glad I have you for my umbrella. Happy Birthday

I love your smile, I love your eyes, I love your walk, I love the way you talk back to the TV, I love the way you slurp your soup, I love your ridiculous jokes, I love how you look when you’re sleeping, I love how you look when you wake up. I love how you love me. I love you. Happy Birthday

How ‘bout one kiss for each candle on your cake? I had another idea – but you might end up in the hospital! Happy Birthday

To me you hung the moon. Happy Birthday, Honey!

Truly, Madly, Deeply – I’m crazy in love with you! Happy Birthday

Yesterday’s memories, tomorrow’s dreams, as long as we’re together – forever. Happy Birthday

You’re HOT! Happy Birthday

I love to celebrate your birthday. Having you in the universe for another whole year is the best thing that ever happens to me! Happy Birthday

You make my life wonderful – full of fun, smiles, sharing, and love. On your birthday, I just want to say again how very much I love you. Happy Birthday

You are my soul mate – and that’s make my soul glad. Happy Birthday

Honey, you are the frosting on the birthday cake of life! Mind if I help myself to a little lick? Happy Birthday

You can still make me laugh! Sometimes it’s even on purpose. Happy Birthday

For Husband on Your Birthday – You’ve made all my dreams come true, with everything you say and do, really, just for being you. I love you. Happy Birthday

For My Husband with Love – When we’re rushing out the door, I don’t always remember to tell you I love you. When we’re trying to get dinner on the table or the kids to bed, I don’t always remember to tell you I love you. When life just gets to crazy, I don’t always remember to tell you I love you. So I’m telling you now: I love you. I love you. I love you. Happy Birthday

For My Husband – Having you sharing my life is just the best. Who else would ever listen or understand like you do? Who else would challenge me to be my best self like you do? Thank you for being my lover and my best friend. Happy Birthday, My Love

For My Husband – All the bright things, all the right things, all the “outta sight” things in my life are all because of you. Happy Birthday

For My Husband – Every day is a little better just because I’m sharing it with you. Happy Birthday

For My Husband – I knew I’d married a good man, but who knew you’d just keep getting better? I love you so. Happy Birthday

For My Wonderful Husband – You are not only my husband and my love, you are my cherished best friend. Happy Birthday

For My Husband On Your Birthday – My wish for you this birthday, is only happy things, all the love I feel for you, the grace that caring brings, happy thoughts of happy times, sharing all our dreams, sharing all our wishes, and sharing all our schemes. Happy Birthday

For My Love – In this busy, noisy world I’m so glad we’ve found a quiet place filled with peace – together. Happy Birthday

For My Husband – Isn’t it a little odd that each year on your birthday you give ME a present? But every year you do – another year with you! I love you. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Mr. Wonderful. Of course, that makes me Mrs. Wonderful, doesn’t it?

Happy Birthday! No matter what, I could never have found a better husband than you. And you know what a dedicated shopper I am!

Happy Birthday to the woman I want to wake up to every morning for the rest of my life. I love you.

If we were in a cartoon, my heart would be thumping so hard you could see it bouncing out of my chest. That’s how I feel when I’m with you. Happy Birthday

Here’s a loving birthday wish for the one I love. I can spare a wish because you’ve already made all my dreams come true. I love you! Happy Birthday

For My Wife – Every day I thank God for bringing you into my life. Happy Birthday

For My Wife – I might not always tell you, but I am so proud that you’re my wife. Not because you are beautiful, smart, and accomplished (although you are) but because you are such a truly, deeply good and loving person. I’m honored that you are my wife. I love you. Happy Birthday

For My Dear Wife – the Love of my Life. Happy Birthday

For My Love. I suppose I could be more romantic. I suppose I could show my appreciation more. And, yes, I could probably me a lot more considerate. But then you’d think I was up to something! Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to My Wife – When I need to know something, I just ask you: Does this tie go with this shirt? Have you seen my keys? It doesn’t matter that these jeans have a hole in them, right? You always know the answer. But today I’m the one who knows something you need to know: I love you more than anything in the world. Happy Birthday

For My Wife – Now and Forever. Thank you for my yesterdays from the moment we met. Thank you for today, every day. Thank you for being the one to step into the unknown future with me tomorrow. You’re the only one I could ever want by my side. I love you. Happy Birthday

For My Wife on Her Birthday – I’m not so good with words. So I don’t always tell you how I feel. I love you very very much. And, baby, that’s for real. Happy Birthday

For My Wife – You and Only You and Always You. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my wife with the girlish figure which brings out my boyish ideas!

Happy Birthday to My Wife – You are the sun, moon, and stars to me.

Happy Birthday to my devoted, loving, and patient wife. I should know I’ve tested them all!

Happy Birthday to my soul mate, my playmate, my love, my wife.

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