I’m here for you. Difficult times card messages.

Just checking in to see how you are.

Here’s a little extra sunshine – in case you need it.

Until the sun shines for you again, you’re always welcome under my umbrella.

A shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen whatever you need, I’m here.

Tissues? Tea? Chocolate ice cream? Whatever you need, I’m here for you.

For My Friend – I wish I could think of the perfect words to help you feel better at this difficult time. For some things, there just are no perfect words. I hope that knowing how much I care and how much I value you will lighten your burden at least a little.

I Care About You. – What can I say, except I’m thinking of you and I wish you didn’t have to go through all this. Whatever you need, I’m here.

I have faith in you. I know you’ll make it through.

You’ve been through a lot lately. Hope you know your friends are thinking about you and care for you especially me.

One, two, three, four, kick your troubles out the door! I’m Cheering for You!

I’m here for you. This may be one of the hardest changes you’ll ever make in your life. You don’t have to do it alone. Call me whenever you want some help.

In good times or bad, or (like now) super bad. When you need to take each day one at a time, I’m here for you. Just call.

I’m offering all the support one heart can – because I care about you.

Sometimes it’s good to know that someone cares. I’m someone.

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