Find just the right words, perfect happy anniversary wishes, quotes & sayings for your family.

Can’t come up with the right phrase or words for your Happy Anniversary card? We have the list of pre-made happy anniversary messages for family that can help you jump-start your writing process.

We hope this will help you create just right message to send to your loved one which will be cherished along with the card for years to come.

To a Special Son and His Dear Wife – On your anniversary, remember how much you are loved, and what treasures you both are to our family.

For a Dear Daughter and Son-in-Law – Today you celebrate all the good times of wedded life, to remember and renew your promise to love and cherish, to plan for the future, and to revel in a love that last a lifetime. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! Isn’t it great when friends are family and family are friends? That make it even better to wish you every happiness today and always. Congratulations!

For a Dear Son and Daughter-in-Law – May you be as happy on your anniversary as you are loved – and that’s as much as there is! Happy Anniversary!

For a Special Daughter and “Son” – So often, it’s the little things that bring the most happiness, quiet moments together, talking, planning, dreaming, enjoying the day and enjoying each other. May you look back on all those happy moments and discover memories to last a lifetime. Happy Anniversary!

To a Wonderful Daughter and “Son” – Nothing could mean more than knowing you are happy together. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

To a Wonderful Brother and His Wife – Your anniversary is a day to let you know how special you are. As we’ve grown closer over the years, it means so much to have the two of you to talk to, to laugh with, to share with. How wonderful to have a brother and “sister” who are also such good friends. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! Your Happiness Means So Much – What all parents hope for is to see their children happy. When you are happy, our dreams have come true. May you continue to find great happiness in your married life together for all the years to come.

For Two Special Grandparents on Your Anniversary – Our family looks to you for inspiration, to learn from a marriage filled with kind understanding, comfort, and love. Thank you for setting the bar high. Happy Anniversary!

For Two Special Grandparents on Your Anniversary – Roses are for remembrance, so this message is to say, that you are loved and remembered, on this your special day. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! May you receive as much joy as you bring. May you know how much you are loved. May your future be as bright as today. Congratulations.

Son and “Daughter” – Your love is more precious than gold or silver. May all the happiness you’ve ever wanted be yours, today and always. Happy Anniversary!

When you two married, we didn’t lose a daughter – we gained a son. Know that we are celebrating with you on this, your anniversary. Happy Anniversary with All Our Love

From Our Hearts to Yours: Happy Anniversary!

As you look back over these past years/ All the joys, the hopes, the fears/ remembering all the things you’ve done/ since the day you two became one/May you have all the happiness your hearts can hold/as you watch a joyous future unfold. Happy Anniversary!

Through all the times both hard and sweet, you’ve never lost your way/ Your love is like a shinging lamp, that guides you every day. Happy Anniversary!

For A Dear Daughter and Son-in-Law – This loving wish is sent to you with love and best wishes and many beautiful years ahead. Happy Anniversary!

Anniversaries make us notice how special family love can be, how strong our family ties. Let your anniversary be a sweet reminder of how much you both mean, and how much you both are loved. Happy Anniversary!

For a Dear Granddaughter and Her Husband – You are a special blessing. On your anniversary, know that your are loved and wished all the joy of a lifetime of love. Happy Anniversary!

For a Dear Grandson and His Lovely Wife – May love and laughter always find you, may your lives together be warm and wonderful, may all good things come your way. Happy Anniversary!

For a Special Brother and His Wonderful Wife – Best wishes for Happy Anniversary! You both deserve the best that life has to offer.

For a Dear Daughter and Son-in-Law – On this very happy day, With memories that come in a special way, May all good things come to you, Today and in the future too. Happy Anniversary!

For a Special Daughter and Son-in-Law – “The world is full of beauty when the heart is full of love.” W. L. Smith All best wishes for hearts full of love, worlds full of beauty, and many, many more years of joy. Happy Anniversary

For a Special Grandson and His Wife – Our memories of you are more special than you know, we wish you love and happiness wherever you may go. Happy Anniversary!

For a Special Sister and Her Husband – How wonderful to be in the same family with you, because of all the great times we have, and because it’s such a joy to see two people who are so right for each other. Happy Anniversary!

For a Special Son and His Wife – May each year bring new dreams and discoveries, new joy and laughter, new memories to treasure. Happy Anniversary

For a Wonderful Son and “Daughter” – May you both have love that continues to grow, always becoming more wonderful, and staying fresh and new. Happy Anniversary

For Brother and His Wife – May your love grow throughout your life and bring you ever closer as time goes by. Happy Anniversary

Anniversary Wishes to Granddaughter and Her Husband – May your hearts always be full of happiness, joy, and wonderful memories. Happy Anniversary

To My Parents – I’m proud that you’re the ones who taught me that love really can last forever. Happy Anniversary!

To Mom and Dad – You guide our family with laughter, love, and support. Together you created a place where we could feel the ground under our feet, a firm foundation to launch us into our lives. Today we celebrate your marriage and all that it has taught us. Happy Anniversary

Smiles and hugs, love and joy, dreams and wonder. All this is wished to you on your anniversary.

Cleary, you were meant for each other. Happy Anniversary

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