Find just the right words, perfect Happy Anniversary wishes, quotes & sayings for anyone.

Can’t come up with the right phrase or words for your Happy Anniversary card? We have the list of pre-made Happy Anniversary messages for anyone that can help you jump-start your writing process.

We hope this will help you create just right message to send to your loved one which will be cherished along with the card for years to come.

Happy Memories Happy Moments Happy Anniversary!

Especially today, may every moment and every memory be a reason to celebrate. Happy Anniversary.

May the moon shine just for you tonight. Happy Anniversary.

Best wishes for another joyous year together.

May you always share a sip from the cup of love. Happy Anniversary.

Wish you may, wish you might, have a wonderful day and romantic night. Happy Anniversary.

Latte love to you! Happy Anniversary.

Celebrating a wonderful life, another bright year as husband and wife. Happy Anniversary.

An Anniversary Wish from Both of Us – Here’s wishing you a beautiful day with happy celebration and warm memories. Happy Anniversary.

You’re having another anniversary and you’re both grinning from year to year. Happy Anniversary!

Another year has passed filled with passion, romance, and sex! And you didn’t want to pay for cable. Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary! Here’s hopes your pucker will never tucker! All the best.

Partners + Best Friends = Happiness. Happy Anniversary.

Celebrating your anniversary like newlyweds? So much sex! So many presents! Happy Anniversary to a great couple.

For a Special Couple – May your anniversary bring you joy in the rich love you share, and all that still lies ahead. Happy Anniversary.

On Your Anniversary – We’re wishing you warm memories for your special day, and we’re so glad that your friendship brightens all of ours. Congratulations.

Happy Anniversary from Both of Us – Here’s an anniversary greeting to both of you from both of us. Best wishes for lasting days of joy to come and even more dreams come true. Congratulations.

For Your December Anniversary – May your holiday season be enhanced by the celebration of your love. Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas.

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on another wonderful year.

Happy Anniversary! You two are one in a million!

Happy Anniversary – to one terrific pair.

Happy Anniversary – Who gets the credit for your great married life? One great guy married one great wife!

Happy Anniversary – The key to a successful marriage is sharing: sharing thoughts, sharing dreams, sharing love, sharing responsibility, and most important – sharing the remote control.

Happy Anniversary to You Both – You have must have been practicing. You’re so good at the “to have and to hold” part! Congratulations.

Happy Anniversary – Here’s hoping your relationship is still the hot volcano of passion that ours is.

Happy Anniversary – May this special day surround you with beauty, warm memories, and bright prospects for the future. Congratulations.

Happy Anniversary – May your future be as full of happiness as these years have been. Congratulations on your special day.

Happy Anniversary – Warmest wishes for a lovely day of celebration.

Happy Anniversary – Celebrate with hugs and kisses the day you became Mr. and Mrs.!

Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple. Your happiness together inspires everyone around you. Congratulations.

Hearts that love deeply can never grow old. Congratulations On Your Anniversary

For Your Anniversary, I checked out a website where they list which symbolic gift goes with each anniversary year – you know, silver, gold, rubies. Good thing for my budget, this turns out to be your Greeting Card anniversary. Congratulations!

Happy Anniversary! You two should look into marriage counseling. You’d be great at it! Congratulations.

On Your Anniversary, celebrate in style. Try a fancy restaurant – you know, the kind that doesn’t give out toys with the meal.

Happy Anniversary! May you continue to live happily ever after.

Hearts and flowers, hugs and kisses, love and marriage, Mr. and Mrs. – You belong together. Happy Anniversary!

The true beauty of love is discovered slowly, as two hearts meet together of days, months, and years. May your discoveries always continue. Happy Anniversary!

On Your Anniversary – Best wishes for joy as you look back over your lives together and more as you look forward. Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations! A lasting marriage is a joy to the loving couple and to those who love them. May you have every joy today and in the years ahead. Happy Anniversary!

Smile, laugh, dance, sing, wish, hope, love, dream. Today is your anniversary do whatever makes you happy. Congratulations!

SMACK SMACK SLOBBER SMOOCH – After all these years, you’re still at each other’s throats? Happy Anniversary!

You’ve found happiness in togetherness. May you future find you exactly where you belong together. Happy Anniversary!

Time flies when we’re having fun because our two hearts beat as one. Happy Anniversary, Honey!

When You Got Married we kept telling you, “Wait until the honeymoon period ends – then you’ll see what married life is REALLY like.” We’re still waiting! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

It’s obvious that the two of you are as happy today as on your wedding day. Just without the squabbling relatives and overpriced cake. Happy Anniversary!

On Your Anniversary – May you fill your day with loving moments, happy memories, and passionate plans for the future. Happy Anniversary!

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