Find just the right words, perfect our anniversary wishes, quotes & sayings.

Can’t come up with the right phrase or words for our anniversary card? We have the list of pre-made our anniversary messages that can help you jump-start your writing process.

We hope this will help you create just right message to send to your loved one which will be cherished along with the card for years to come.

We’ve had a lot of years together but nowhere near enough. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my dear love and very best friend.

Sharing all the little things – adds up to a lifetime of joy. Happy Anniversary!

A home, the bed, dinner, babies. I love everything we make together. Happy Anniversary!

On Our Anniversary – Together we are better, stronger, more alive than either of us is separately. Our love is everything to me. Happy Anniversary!

For the One I Love on Our Special Day – Each year we celebrate this special day because it is a day that changed our lives. Because of this day, every day is a day to celebrate.

Happy Anniversary – because you’ve seen me on the toilet, and you still love me anyway.

Honey – Things are tough and we’re working like crazy/ Each day brings new problems, the future looks hazy/ But no matter what happens, I’ll love you forever/ That knot that we tied, nobody can sever. Happy Anniversary!

I Love You – Three little words that hold everything I feel for you: affection, trust, friendship, comfort, joy. Three little words that remind me how lucky I am to be married to you. Happy Anniversary!

Love – Life’s greatest gift and most precious treasure. You mean so much to me, I’m so glad that we’re together, I love you so much.

On Our Anniversary – There’s so much I wish I could give you. If I could, I’d give you the moon and stars above. All I can offer is my love and devotion. All I can offer is a lifetime of love.

On Our Anniversary – When we first started out, we had no idea where we were heading. Our life has grown one challenge, one joy, one step at a time. Today our home is filled with warmth and caring, where our dreams can grow, where our love lives. I’m so grateful for our lives together and the happiness you’ve brought me. Happy Anniversary!

On Our Special Day – There are many ways to say “I love you.” If I tried them all, it would still be never be enough.

Once upon a time there were two people. They met. They fell in love. Out of every smile, every tear, every misunderstanding, every triumph, ever miracle – we made our life together. Happy Anniversary!

You make me blossom. Happy Anniversary!

Well, I suppose we could spend our anniversary in Paris, but would we really be any happier or love each other any more? You were supposed to say “Of course not.” Happy Anniversary!

The world is better place because you’re in it. Happy Anniversary!

I’m always in my favorite spot with you. Happy Anniversary!

We shall love each other/While the wind sings through the valley/We shall love each other/While the mountains reach toward the stars/ We shall love each other/ While the earth embrace they sky. (traditional Native American poem) Happy Anniversary, my own true love!

Our life is full of morning rushing, have-to-dos, got-to-dos, “just one more thing”s – In the midst of all that, there is something strong, warm, familiar, supporting us. Love. Happy Anniversary

We’ve done it – and we’ve done it our way, trusting our instincts, following our hearts, exploring our own path, and making our own discoveries. I’m so glad we’ve made this journey together. I love you now and always. Happy Anniversary!

Another year of joy, another year of sadness, another year of special times, another year arguing about where to set the thermostat. Here’s to another year of sweating and freezing with you. Happy Anniversary!

You are my favorite dream, my happiest discovery when I wake, my support and comfort throughout the day, and the one I run to joyfully at the end a long day. You are my beloved and I’m so glad we’re together. Happy Anniversary, with All My Love

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