Find just the right words, perfect Milestone Birthday wishes, quotes to write in your Birthday cards.

Can’t come up with the right phrase or words for your Milestone Happy Birthday card? We have the list of pre-made Milestone Happy Birthday messages that can help you jump-start your writing process.

We hope this will help you create just right message to send to your loved one which will be cherished along with the card for years to come.

Baby’s 1st Birthday – There’s never been a birthday like this birthday before, because it’s for a special baby that we all adore! Happy Birthday!

Dear Baby, Your first birthday is so exciting! Everyone is making a fuss all about you and giving you toys. Pretty great, eh? Guess what? You get one of these every year! Happy 1st Birthday!

You’re One! Happy Birthday, Cutie Pie!

Happy Birthday, 1-Year-Old! You’re cute and sweet and all dressed up for your very first birthday party. You’ll be even cuter when you’re completely covered in cake!

It’s so much fun – to be ONE! Happy Birthday!

At last, you’re 13! You know what you are now? Cool. Happy Birthday!

You’re 13 Today! You’re a teenager! Sweet!

Sweet 16 – Wishing you a birthday as lovely and delightful as you are. May you look back on this day in the years to come with warm and happy memories. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Sweet 16! Sixteen years ago, a miracle happened. A sweet little baby was born, and even better, she grew to be YOU!

You’re 16 years of sweet, 16 years of fun, 16 years of fabulous, and you’ve only just begun! Happy Birthday, Sweet 16!

A Birthday Wish for Sweet 16 – You’ve become such a special young woman with so many wonderful options ahead of you, things to do, places to go, discovering new dreams you didn’t even know you had. May “sweet 16” be just the start of a wonderful life for you. Happy Birthday!

You’re Turning Sweet 16 – May you be surrounded by friends, by fun, by laughter, by celebration. May your dreams all come true. Happy Birthday!

On Your 16th Birthday – “A daughter is a gift of love” – As you turn 16, may you always remember what a gift you are. May everything that is good come to you in your life. Happy Birthday!

For a Wonderful Daughter at 16 – Your 16th birthday is so special, it’s a day to celebrate the young woman you’ve become, with pride and love. Happy Birthday!

Celebrating 18 Years! Here’s hoping that this very special birthday finds you surrounded by good friends and exciting plans for the future. The world is waiting for you! Happy Birthday

18 Years! Let’s celebrate! Happy Birthday!

Here’s to everything that is to come the new people you’ll meet, the places you’ll go, the adventures you’ll have. But even more important here’s to who you are right now: a very special person. Happy 18th Birthday!

You’re Turning 18! Thi$ i$ a time when you can expect to receive $ome major ca$h in your birthday card$. This is a time to learn to handle disappointment. Happy Birthday!

Happy 18th! As you stand at the threshold of adulthood, you can see the world before you full of promise, opportunity, and adventure. Here’s hoping everything ahead of you will be as great as you deserve. Happy Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday! You’ve arrived! The best years of your life are just beginning. Celebrate!

A Riddle for Your 21st Birthday – What’s better than being talented, good-looking, cool, and smart? Being talented, good-looking, cool, smart, and LEGAL! Have a great one!

You’re Turning 21 – This birthday is a special one, a time to reflect on who you were, who you’ve become, and who you might be in the future. The door to life is opening – walk through it with confidence. Happy Birthday!

Hey 21! Now you can buy me a beer! Happy Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday! Congratulations – now you get a real ID!

You’re 30 – Have fun! Live it up! Celebrate! Happy Birthday!

You’re Turning 30 – It’s not the end of the world. Many people liked 30 so much they’d be willing to do it again.

Happy 30th Birthday! This isn’t the end of your youth. It’s the beginning of being a real person. Enjoy!

Ready or not, here comes 30! Happy Birthday!

30’s not so bad. You should be used to it soon like in 10 years or so. Happy Birthday!

Happy 30th! You’ve made the world a better place for three decades. Keep going!

Happy 40th Birthday! If you look between “fabulous” and “fun” in the dictionary, you’ll find forty! Have a wonderful day.

They say 40 is the new 30. No way – it’s much better. Happy Birthday!

You’re 40 – You’re starting a brand new decade. Make it fantastic. Happy Birthday!

Happy 40th Birthday! With each birthday, we grow and change, bit by bit, until our true selves emerge. Hidden strengths are found, abilities we never knew we had. Wishing you a life of exploration and discovering.

A Riddle for Your 40th Birthday – Why is being 40 like a Nascar race? Everything just goes! Have a Happy Birthday anyway!

Let’s have a toast to your 40th birthday. Don’t hold back, break out the good stuff – PRUNE JUICE! Happy Birthday!

Your 50th Birthday is a day to take some time to remember what’s important to you, where you’ve been, your hopes and dreams, where you left your glasses. Have a great one!

At 50, we start to ask ourselves the important questions. Like, “Where did I park?”

Congress mandates that you have a Happy Birthday. Unfortunately, no funds were appropriated for the purpose.

You’re 50 – Go strut your stuff!

Turning 50 is no sweat! Happy Birthday!

Happy 50th Birthday! Things to skip on your 50th birthday 1. Skate boarding 2. Break dancing 3. Embarrassing signs telling the whole world about it. Have a nifty birthday!

Happy 60th Birthday! Turning 60 is a time to feel enjoy life with confidence and freedom. Turning 60 is the beginning of the best time yet. Enjoy!

Happy 60th Birthday! You’re someone who keeps finding new challenges and fresh experiences. Nobody’s going to do 60 better than you! Have a sensational day.

At 60, people used to be old and decrepit. But you’re so vital and young. Is “crepit” a word? Happy Birthday!

Happy 60th Birthday! I said, “Happy 60th Birthday!”

Now that you’re 60, you can get a great, big car, one where you can’t see over the steering wheel, and practice driving very, very slowly. By the time you’re REALLY old, you should be quite good at it. Happy Birthday!

It’s Your 60th Birthday! Best wishes for a fan-DAM-tastic day!

Happy 65th Birthday! Best wishes for a special day, because you are such a special person. Have a wonderful day.

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