Find just the right words, perfect family Birthday wishes, sayings to write in your Birthday cards.

Can’t come up with the right phrase or words for your Happy Birthday card? We have the list of pre-made Family Happy Birthday messages that can help you jump-start your writing process.

We hope this will help you create just right message to send to your loved one which will be cherished along with the card for years to come.

Happy Birthday – Have a birthday all for you!

I have a special place in my heart just for people who are too wonderful to forget. You’re one of them. Happy Birthday!

Here’s wishing lots of birthday fun, all for you from everyone! Happy Birthday

Best wishes for the best of everything on your birthday.

As Niece and Aunt we’re a perfect pair. So much in common, so much to share. Together our hearts are happy and free. We have a common enemy. Happy Birthday

An Aunt, a Role Model, and a Friend all rolled up into up Fantastic Woman. Happy Birthday!

It’s Your Birthday, Aunt – Big tight hugs and loud smacky kisses.

For Grandma – Here’s a bouquet of wishes for you, with hugs and kisses and love for you. Happy Birthday! XO XO XO

For a Special Aunt – Thinking of You on Your Birthday. Warmest wishes and thoughts of you, on your birthday and all the year through.

For a Special Aunt on Your Birthday – May your birthday be as lovely and fresh as dew on the grass in the morning light. Happy Birthday!

For a Special Aunt – It’s so great to celebrate this special date. Happy Birthday!

For a Special Aunt – It’s so great to be with you, you are so much fun. Here’s hoping that your birthday will be a special one. Happy Birthday!

For a Special Aunt – May you have happy times, warm memories, and a wonderful birthday.

A Birthday Blessing for a Wonderful Aunt – God’s blessing on you at on this day of your birth, because more than treasure is what you are worth. Happy Birthday!

For My Aunt – What a blessing to know someone who brings out happiness in others. You are one bring happiness to my life. Happy Birthday!

For My Aunt – I’m so grateful for the influence you’ve been in my life. May you have a happy birthday, a happy year, and all the good things that love and life can bring you – you deserve no less. Happy Birthday!

A Birthday Wish for You, Aunt – Here’s a simple wish for you, a day that’s great and a great year too. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Aunt – May the sun shine where you stand, may only good things come your way, may your birthday bring you all kinds of happiness.

For You, Aunt, With Love – You are extra special, just like you’ve always been. Hope your birthday’s full of love, again, again, again. Happy Birthday!

For You Aunt – How natural to wish such a wonderful person a wonderfully Happy Birthday!

I just can’t forget my Aunt! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to a wonderful aunt. Thanks for rolling up your sleeves, digging deep, and spoiling me rotten.

Happy Birthday, Aunt! You’re so special to me.

So Lucky You’re My Aunt – Here’s hoping your birthday is as full of love and laughter as you have made my life. Happy Birthday!

Sometimes you’re like a second mom, sometimes you’re like a friend, but mostly when I think of you, it’s with love that just won’t end. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Aunt! Here’s a loving wish for the happiest of birthdays. May you have all the joy you deserve all year long.

To an Awesome Aunt – You are the bestest, better than all the restest. Happy Birthday!

Cousins are special – Even when we haven’t seen each other in a long time, we can always pick up right where we left off, sharing so many warm memories, laughing about old times. Happy Birthday

If our family is like a garden, then it’s even more beautiful because you’re in it. Happy Birthday!

Cousin – May your candles burn brightly to celebrate another year. May you have joy and laughter every day. Happy Birthday!

For a Special Cousin on Your Birthday – Here’s a special wish for a special cousin – and birthday blessings by the dozen. Happy Birthday!

For a Special Cousin – May all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are a time to think of happy memories, to tell you how much you mean, and how much you are loved. Happy Birthday!

Daughter, you’re the light of our lives, you brighten each day, and wherever you go, we love you so. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! May every candle on your cake be a wish come true. Just don’t set the curtains on fire.

Daughter, Watching you grow has been like watch a flower bloom. Each year, you become more beautiful in every way. Happy Birthday!

Daughter – May your birthday be layered with love, frosted with fun, sprinkled with sunshine, and glowing with wishes come true. Happy Birthday!

Hope your birthday is deLIGHTful!

Daughter-in-Law – It’s easy to see why our son loves you so much. We’re so lucky that you’ve joined our family. Happy Birthday!

It can’t have been easy to marry into a family so different from yours. We’re so thankful that you made the effort to get to know us and let us get to know you. It’s so wonderful that you are part of our family. We love you. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Daughter-in-Law! You have the gift of sharing your heart, of being loving and giving. May the joy that you have brought into our lives be returned to you on your birthday and every day.

Daughter-in-Law sounds so formal. We hope you know you are loved like a daughter and we are so glad that you’re part of our family. Happy Birthday!

If birthdays are only as special as the one having them – then yours should be fantastic! Happy Birthday!

May your day be filled with fun and wishes come true. Happy Birthday!

For a Dear Goddaughter – Your birthday is the perfect time to tell you how well loved you are, and what a joy it is to be part of your life. Happy Birthday!

For a Special Goddaughter’s 1st Birthday – A precious little baby girl, the center of the whole wide world, even more lovable and fun, now that you are turning ONE! Happy Birthday!

For Goddaughter with Love – May the Lord bless and keep you

God blessed the world with many things, like puppies and kittens and kites with strings, but a blessing He gave me like no other, was you for my sweet and loving Godmother. Happy Birthday!

I’ve found my favorite place to be right next to you. Happy Birthday!

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